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Applied GIS and Remote Sensing.

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Production and Operations Management.

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Logistics, Procurement and Fleet Management.

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Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
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About ALDN Virtual College

Africa Learning and Development Network (ALDN) Virtual College is a registered Trust. Its business philosophy is to bridge the gap existing between convectional education system and industry expectations. ALDN Trust was established in March 2010 to offer world class learning philosophy. In 2011, ALDN Trust then registered with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education as ALDN Virtual College. The major strength of ALDN is its core network facilitators with minimum academic qualifications of Masters in various fields and disciplines. In response to globalization and its challenges, ALDN engages its stakeholders to be proactive in leadership, policy formulations and implementation. Major challenges for Africa are embedded in three areas of development:

  • its technological backwardness
  • exporter of primary products and services with low technological content
  • the urban population explosion. These three areas have induced a system failure in Africa leading to insecurity of fundamental pillars of sustainable livelihoods (food, energy, infrastructure, water and sanitation) and environmental pollution/climate change.
The philosophy of ALDN is based on the three pillar model in programming: the industrial (employment) value; the lifelong learning value and the family (community) value. In this respect, ALDN came up with flexible block-release programs meant to be compatible with these three pillars of development. ALDN’s approach in training is based on enhancing relevant knowledge, skills and attitude in student specific areas of studies. The competence levels of our students are then measured based on these three attributes.

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